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Invite elegance and comfort into your establishment with La Tulip 2 by Gulfstream.

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La Tulip 2 offers Gulfstream’s signature handcrafted glass bowl, available in an assortment of vibrant colours, durable acrylic base, high-quality massage chair and IDJet Technology. La Tulip 2 Spa Pedicure Chairs come with a state-of-the-art shiatsu roller back massage system. The roller back system applies pressure to all the right spots and provides several functions: compression, kneading, percussion, and rolling. These functions can be controlled by a hand-held remote, which allows your client to customize their experience. The IDJet Whirlpool System is one of the most powerful on the market. This system is easy to remove and clean with its magnetic locking system. La Tulip 2 Spa Base measures at 56″ Length x 28″ Width x 15″ Height; approx. 105 lbs. Weight without Massage Chairs. La Tulip 2 Spa Unit Height and Weight vary depending on the chair model chosen. Gulfstream’s La Tulip 2 holds the following certifications: UL certification, Boston MA Approval, Los Angeles CA Approval, IAPMO certification, certified to CSA standards.
• Due to photographic and scanning/printing processes, all displayed colors shown may vary slightly from the actual color of the items. • Due to our continuing efforts to develop new and improved products may cause any and all specifications to change without notice.

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DOWNLOAD: Gulfstream Air Vent System (Spa Chairs) Specifications

DOWNLOAD: Acrylic Cleaning & Maintenance Manual

DOWNLOAD: La Tulip Owner Manual

• Manicure Massage Chair; Full Shiatsu Massage.
• Acetone Resistant Arm Rests and Manicure Trays, Integrated on Both Sides.
• USB and Electrical Outlet.
• 9 Different Glass Bowl Colors.
• Flip-up Manicure Tray.
• Integrated Footrest.
• The Variety of Color and Finish Options.

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