About Us

Gulfstream Inc. – Head Office Canada
177 Pinebush Rd., Cambridge, Ontario N1R 7H8, CANADA
Phone: 519-622-0950   Fax: 519-622-6926
TOLL FREE: 1-877-622-4853
Website: www.gulfstreaminc.com
General Email: info@gulfstreaminc.com

Gulfstream Inc. – Showroom Canada
177 Pinebush Rd., Cambridge, Ontario N1R 7H8, CANADA

Gulfstream Inc. – Manufacturing and Distribution Center
177 Pinebush Rd., Cambridge, Ontario N1R 7H8, CANADA

U.S.A. Manufacturing and Distribution Center and Showroom

8075 Cook Rd Houston, TX 77072, USA

Based in North America, Gulfstream Inc is a world leader in salon/spa equipment and furniture. Innovation is the key to Gulfstream’s success, introducing cutting-edge products like custom-coloured glass bowls for pedicure chairs and the environment-friendly, super hygienic liners for those bowls to the global marketplace. On-site production enables Gulfstream Inc to continually upgrade products when applicable, thus ensuring customers always receive the latest innovations. Gulfstream is committed to keeping pace with the evolving needs of the worldwide salon/spa marketplace – setting the trends that others follow.

The Gulfstream Advantage
Constant Creativity – We believe in the constant evolution of new ideas into quality products that create value for you, and our customers. We set the trends that others follow. In-house Production – All furniture and products are designed, created and shipped out from our facility. Each piece of furniture is custom-made and tested before delivery. Exceptional Customer Services – With In-house production, we can quickly and knowledgeably respond to all your needs. Always Affordable – Since we believe that beauty and comfort should be universally available, we provide the most competitive prices for luxury pedicure chairs and salon/spa products.