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  • Gs9014 Spider Stool


    Gs9014 Spider Stool. Compliment your salon with a matching spider stool. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

  • Sonoma End Nail Minibar (Pair)


    Gs 9111 - Sonoma End Nail Minibar (Sold In Pairs). [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

    Out of stock
  • Gs9020 – Tech Stool


    Gs9020 Tech Stool. This well -padded technician's stool comes available in three lustrous leatherette colors; and is a well-added complement…

  • Gs9029 – Nail Bar Stool


    Gs9029 - Nail Bar Stool. (Special Order, please call Gulfstream to place order. ) Adjustable-height Nail Bar Stool features a…

  • Sonoma Double Shelf Polish Rack


    Gs 9112 - Sonoma Double Shelf Polish Rack (360 Bottles) [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

  • Gs9057 – Chiq Quilted Chair


    Gs9057 - Chiq Quilted Chair A sleek, classy look for a low cost that will please you and your clients.…

  • Paris Pedicart


    A handy utility, with style, for any spa or salon. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

  • Sonoma Single Nail Table


    Gs 9102 - Sonoma Single Nail Table. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

  • Gs9058 – Cirus Styling Salon Chair


    Gs9058 - Cirus Styling Salon Chair features elegant curves, comfortable seat cushion and a graceful shaped hydraulic pump. [youtube video_id="H09f5hPTbUs"]

  • Gs9058-02 – Cirus 2 Styling Salon Chair


    Gs9058-02 - Cirus 2 Styling Chair features elegant curves, comfortable seat cushion and a graceful shaped hydraulic pump. [youtube video_id="H09f5hPTbUs"]

  • Paris Nail Polish Rack (without Cabinet)


    Three Beautiful wood finishes are available for this Display Shelf. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

  • Sonoma Single Nail Minibar


    Gs 9108 - Sonoma Single Nail Minibar. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

    Out of stock
  • Sonoma Corner Nail Minibar


    Gs 9110 - Sonoma Corner Nail Minibar [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

    Out of stock
  • Paris Nail Bar 1 Single Straight Combo 2


    The versatile Paris Nail Bar highlighting Canadian craftsmanship. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

  • Paris Single Nail Table


    Introducing the Paris Single Nail Table for manicures done in style. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

  • Paris Nail Polish Rack With Cabinet


    Convenient and visually pleasing storage and display system from Gulfstream. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

  • Sonoma Double Nail Table


    Gs 9103 - Sonoma Double Nail Table. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

  • La Messina


    Adjustable chair options provide your client's comfort and for you to work easier. [youtube video_id="H09f5hPTbUs"]

  • Gs9062 – Faenza Hair Wash Station


    Gs9062 - Faenza Hair Wash Station. Gulfstream’s deluxe wash unit, featuring a tilting shampoo bowl designed for maximum client comfort.…

  • Camellia Single Nail Table


    This ultra trendy, unique manicure station is designed to be both functional and alluring. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

  • Queen Chair


    Feel elegant in this Queen Anne style highback throne chair. Sparkling crystals in the tufts enhance this superior look with…

  • Ez Back Zero Gravity Chair

    $1,500.00 $999.00

    Luxurious, Reliable, Comfortable. Great for manicure, pedicure, waxing, facial, and eyelash extensions. [youtube video_id="H09f5hPTbUs"]

  • Sonoma Nail Dryer


    Gs 9106 - Sonoma Nail Dryer. [youtube video_id="8O1U8Hq2B4Y"]

    Out of stock
  • La Vicenza Mirror


    La Vicenza Mirror. [youtube video_id="H09f5hPTbUs"]